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Hello Friends, We Are Still Here!!!!

  Things are slowly moving along for us. Mi Amor has been hospitalized 31 o f the past 36 days. They have not started treatment yet for the main problem as we have spent 7 months trying to clear other complications first.   The last hospital stay was 21 days. I missed her terribly!! It is not the same at home without her. The dogs are company but they get tired of my stories and go to sleep.   As far as our male chastity lifestyle, we have not deviated from it throughout this whole ordeal. At one point Mi Amor said I really could remove it as she was very ill and couldn't really do a thing for me. I opted to stay caged and serve her even more.   We do have cameras in our home. One is in the living room. Every 3 or 4 days she would have me remove my cage in front of the camera and edge myself while she watched from her phone app. I was appreciative of any attention for sure. Twice she allowed me to masturbate to completion to ease a little stress. So we were still able to have s
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Back Again

   Well it has really been a challenge to have the time to write. Mi Amor spent 10 days in the hospital. It is a long commute each way and that was a busy time. She has begun her treatment finally. We are on the way to recovery. Her breathing is still very shallow and she tires quickly right now.    For me it is still the same. I am still caged 24/7. It did come up that I could take a break during this trying period, but I would not have that. I am her kept husband as agreed upon 2 1/2 years ago. I love her and need this bond even more at this time to be honest. It does allow for some kind of connection at least.    I am instructed to edge in front of her every 3 days or so. I have been allowed to finish several times the past few months. Always in front of my keyholder.    About 5 days ago she said I really needed an attitude adjustment and had me fetch 2 paddles and lay across the bed in front of her. She was crossed leg sitting up and delivered about 25 good swats. It has been a

Life Is Hitting Hard

  Wanted to get back and post an update. It has been quite some time since I have had a minute to do this.    Mi Amor has not had any improvement in her health. We are still dealing with more diagnosis and not on to a treatment plan yet. She can not breath enough to walk up our stairs right now. It has been tough.   Needless to say her desire for any kind of sexual play is there mentally, however there is no way physically she can do anything. We deal with it but both of us do miss how things had been progressing in our relationship. After 20+ years together we were still enjoying each other sexually.    I am still caged and do not have any desire to go back to living "wild". I love how entering in to a male chastity lifestyle had solidified an already great marriage and want to keep that.   Mi Amor has been allowing me relief by way of masturbating while kneeling in front of her. Not often, maybe a 10 - 12 day wait on average.   Also there have been no discipline sessio

Hoping For The Best

  Well, we had no idea when we started this blog that things were going to take a dramatic turn. In fact we thought things were going pretty good in most areas of our life. That was why we decided to share some insight in to our lifestyle after 2 years of 24/7 practice in a male chastity/flr/dd relationship.   Well it wasn't long after that medical issues have taken a hold and need to be dealt with. Mi Amor is not in shape for much of anything at this time. Just breathing is a chore for her at this point. We have some treatments upcoming that will take a toll on her also. But we are ready to deal with things.   How has that left our sexual play? Needless to say it is very limited right now. I don't believe she can even think of arousal right now on her part. She is in constant pain. I see it in her.   I am still caged 24/7. I am still in panties every day. I would not want it any other way right now. Occasionally she will remember about my plight and allow me to remove my ca

What Is Said Matters

   One thing about living a male chastity/flr/dd lifestyle is that communication between us is all the more important with all the psychological aspects of it that can come up for each other.    We have not been doing very much sexually with Mi Amor dealing with so many health problems right now. I do all it takes to keep our home going and my keyholder comfortable. I would love more activity for sure, but this is where we are at this time. We are committed to each other and both love this lifestyle.    Last night was one of those learning experiences for us both. It had been about 6 weeks since any punishment has been carried out. Mi Amor has not had enough strength to carry out proper session. She was also preparing to leave for a few days with some girlfriends as a way to try and start getting around. I thought it would be great for her too. She also said she thought I should get some relief before she left.    Evening came and she was about to shower when she announced that we s

Taking Things As They Cum...

   It has been awhile since I have been able to really sit down and write. As you know we are dealing with major medical issues. Mi amor has moments where she can not breath and is unable to really do anything. I really feel bad that I cannot do anything to help, just make her comfortable. I know she appreciates it too. It isn't like she doesn't think about us during all this, it is just she can't do all that she wants to right now.    Sunday had made it 9 days since I have been allowed to cum. In that time there has been several hospital trips, a hospital stay and lots of poking and scans for my keyholder. She has been a trooper through it all. But there is a good 3 months of this ahead for her.    On Thursday Mi Amor let me know she was well aware of how far off schedule we are for my punishment. She also felt it should be taken care of before getting any relief. I agreed and was glad to know she had been thinking about us. Also I know how it would hurt after this long

Priorities And Life Are Always Here

   The one thing that will always happen is life. Just when you think thing's are good and all is well something else will come up. Just a matter of how you choose to deal with it.    As you know, Mi Amor deals with some serious medical issues. Looking at her you would not know it. She is a beautiful, sexy woman who has kicked cancers ass a few times already. As is the case for most survivors, it is never really gone, it is a constant watch to be sure if it returns it is caught quickly.    We knew that we were about to go in to battle again but this time she was given a double hit. When going for her pre biopsy visit they found a severe lung infection. They had to keep her a few days and start treating that first. She has been down for about 2 months as no one knew about the infection and it just lingered. So how does any of this involve our male chastity lifestyle?    Well, I have come across many people and writings in which people drift and stray from their partner during the