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Is The Visual Important To Your Chastity Life?

There is one thing for sure. Men are visual creatures for sure. For most men it is as important as any sexual relief that may come their way.
   There is nothing that keeps a guys attention than slowly getting to see more and more of their wife, girlfriend or whomever it is they share themselves with. We can get very tunnel visioned at those moments.
   I know for us it is huge. I get just as excited to this day when I get to see Mi Amor's beautiful body as I did the very first time over 20 years ago. And to have the pleasure of seeing her naked while my cock is confined is the ultimate tease. I worship every sexy curve of her. I will never get enough of her. So needless to say she can use that to her advantage as often as she chooses while my desire grows and cock is slammed tight in my cage.
   I wonder if the "visual" aspect of this lifestyle excites other caged men as it does me? Just curious.
   Many times Mi Amor has me light the candles to get ready for her mass…
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The thing that I enjoy most about this lifestyle is the psychology of it and how it can be morphed to fit the couple living it. I don’t think I have run across any blog that is written by a real couple that doesn’t contain their own twist on it in some unique way that suits their life.
   For myself the wait is not what it is about. It is the communication and play that leads up to my eventual relief. And for Mi Amor, she derives pleasure and interest by never letting me know if this is the day. I am just expected to follow the rules and she will take care of my sexual pleasures. As she sees fit.
   It has worked out for us in another way also. She suffers from serious medical issues dealing several cancers. She beats them and they return. A 10 year battle now. She has periods when she can not even walk to the bathroom without having to pause to get her breath. Things like vacuuming the house, carrying laundry, cleaning good are impossible. I am one who can not sit still. So it has …

Easily Amused We Are

As a kept husband I am beginning to see deeper in to the world of male chastity and Female Led Relationships. I believe for our marriage it has brought us closer together and gives Mi Amor the secure feeling of knowing her man is dedicated to her in ways most women dream of and secure in knowing her man is not going to be playing around and compromising their relationship. Another advantage the wife who becomes a keyholder/disciplinarian has is that she does not get pestered for sex when she is not in the mood for it and that she does not do things sexually she does not want to do. In our case Mi Amor does not like the act of giving a man oral sex. I have not had oral pleasure since the day the cage was placed on my cock. Over a year and a half now! She made it clear she did not like it so I have to accept that. I have. However, there are some small things a keyholder can do to keep her caged man aroused and attentive to her beck and call. Remember, we men are simple creatures. We cra…

Sometimes Even I Get Lucky!!

One thing for sure about living as a chaste husband, when I do get relief it is always an exciting moment. Mi Amor never gives a hint that I may be getting it either. Every day is assumed I won't be, and that is the plight of being kept in a chastity cage.
   Saturday we had a few friends over for some drinks and food. It went on for some time with all parties involved getting a good buzz by midnight. We called it a night and our guests left. I was ready for that.
   So once in our room and out of our clothes I was surprised. It was day 10 for me and just figured we were going to sleep after that much partying. Never giving any thought to any chance of some sex play despite how much I would have loved it. I was wrong again. As usual in this lifestyle.
   We no sooner hit the mattress when Mi Amor said I was going to go down on her and I should remove my cage. Wow, I was shocked. No warning, no massage, no nothing. Just right out with it. And if there is one thing I need no promp…

Total Commitment !

We are coming up on 2 years since we began living a 24/7 male chastity/dd/flr marriage. It started as my idea to spark a dying love life due to medical issues. Once Mi amor accepted and we placed my cock in a cage our life together has become very interesting.
   In fact at this point I don't think either of us could imagine living any other way now. She enjoys the never ending attention she gets and I enjoy serving my keyholder. I wake every day excited to see her and begin to pamper her again.
   I know that some men wonder about the effect a cage will have on their penis if worn 24/7. I can assure you, nothing changes except the fact you will no longer be in control of your own cock. Your source of release and pleasure is in the hands of your keyholder. There will be moments when you wonder why you even did this as you are left frustrated at times while your Goddess lets you flounder.
   I have read of some who say it is all BS because you can pull out of a cage device if yo…

Catching Up!

Well it has been weeks of Mi Amor trying her best to recover from her surgery and dealing with excessive pollen at the same time. I felt bad for her. It was a rough spell.
   We have been pretty quiet through it all with me trying to keep her comfortable and make sure the house and dogs are taken care of.
   Outside of some edging we haven't really been able to "play" at all. But about 2 days ago Mi Amor let me know we were 2 weeks behind on my punishment and we will be getting to it. She did let me know that I have been attentive and busy taking care of things but we both know I need this to maintain my focus.
   So yesterday it was the day to get back on course. In the morning it was edging again. Only day 8 since last relief,  but I was horny as hell!!
   Later on, after I had just showered, Mi Amor said "let's get your punishment done before I take mine". That means panties off and get myself ready on the horse. Ball gag in and waiting for her.

I Never Know What To Expect

I spend 24/7 in my steel chastity cage. It is part of me at this point. I don't even notice it when going about my day.  Male chastity lifestyle is that. So in reality, outside of wearing a cage all the time sexual exploits take up a very small percentage of our time. Life consumes 99% of it. I wish it were the other way around!!
  That's why I get a thrill out of the times when Mi Amor does something unexpected like she did Wednesday night.
  Tuesday was day 6 for me and I was really horny already. And I have been doing some long stretches this first quarter of 2019 between relief, I had been allowed edging on Monday to keep me attentive.
  So on Wednesday I set the massage table up after she showered to give her a massage. The table makes it so easy to as compared to lying on a mattress. Best 100 bucks we've spent. I heated up her lotion and got the candles lit she enjoys at massage time.
  Just as I was about to be ready for her she told me that she knew we really do …